Cappado...what ?

So, what exactly is Cappadocia ?

Just try and imagine a 40 km2 wide, giant meringue formed between 2 and 10 millions years ago by a couple of hallucinatory volcanoes on the Anatolian plateau.

While cooling, the warm ashes turned into layers of "tufa" of varied colours and density.

Water, wind and man have eroded and carved the soft rock, giving birth to a wonderland of deep canyons and fantastically shaped rock formations that are simply unique in the world.

From prehistoric times, civilizations have flourished here, and the Hittites, Persians, early and Byzantine Christians, Mongols, Greeks and Ottomans have left abundant evidence of their passage.

Cappadocia is unique, and, as such, is listed World Heritage by UNESCO.


Turkey and the Turks

Turkey has been a secular republic ever since Ataturk came to power in the late 20's. Islam as it is observed by the very large majority of Turkish people is moderate and tolerant towards foreign visitors. You cannot eat pork in Turkey; however, the Turks love their raki and you won't have any difficulty finding other alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. The Islamic veil is forbidden in schools and administrations.

On the street, some women wear it, others don't. Nevertheless, Turkey remains quite traditional and in the most rural areas such as Cappadocia, few women have jobs outside the home or participate in public life. Family in Turkey is sacred, and so is hospitality. Wherever you'll go, you can be sure that you will be welcomed with friendliness and dedication, even though average living conditions remain modest.

Turkey is as safe as our western countries. Women can travel alone without any problem. Bird flu is nonexistent in central Anatolia and Cappadocia is a politically stable, safe region. Entering Turkey: formalities vary from country to country even for Europeans, so you should contact your local Turkish consulate before travelling to Turkey.

In most cases, a passport is enough for a 3 month stay, or a visa can be bought at the airport. Health: no vaccine nor preventive treatment are required. Drink bottled water preferably.

Money: The Turkish currency is the Turkish Lira (YTL).

1 Euro = 2,8 Turkish Liras. Cash dispensers can be found in the villages of Urgup, Goreme and Uchisar in Cappadocia.


Wild live


What to do in Cappadocia?

- Hot-air balloon flight - at sunrise, travel with the wind over Cappadocia's spectacular landscape

- Göreme's Open Air Museum - the region's greatest concentration of frescoed churches

- The underground cities - the larger cities descend to 8 levels through a maze of tunnels

- Ceremony of the Whirling-Derviches - night representation at the Sarihan caravanserail

- Excursion to the valley of Ilhara - at the foot of Hasan Dagi volcano, this long, lush canyon shelters several churches

- Excursion to the valley of Soganli - off the beaten tracks, churches and dovecotes unique in Cappadocia

- Wine testing in Cappadocia's vineyards

- Visit to local craftshops and workshops: carpets, kilims, pottery, jewels

- Steam bath and massage at the hamam


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